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“Get a sponsor, join a home group and be of service” – been there, done that, and bought the Big Book!

Hi, my name’s Bob, and I’m an AA apostate. I left five years ago following a brief relapse, and subsequently ‘converted’ to Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT).

Despite AA members’ repeated assurances that my leaving would result in jails, institutions and/or death, it eventuated in a more contented abstinence and greater freedom.

What I hadn’t been prepared for, however, was just how much of a negative impact some facets of Alcoholics Anonymous would continue to have on me long after I left. This blog is essentially my story of recovering from recovery.

Whilst some aspects of AA have undoubtedly affected me badly,  it’s not my intent to denigrate Alcoholics Anonymous as a whole; it really does work wonders for some people. I simply wish to show that, despite what many (not all) members purport, AA is not the only way to achieve and maintain abstinence, and leaving doesn’t guarantee a stay at the funny farm, a prison  sentence or a coffin.

AA Apostate.

Up-dated 13 Nov, 2018