“Get a sponsor, join a home group, go to meetings, and be of service……. ” No thanks! Been there, done that, and bought the Big Book!

Hi, my name’s Bob, and I’m an AA apostate. I left three years ago following a brief relapse, and subsequently ‘converted’ to Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT).

Despite AA members’ repeated assurances that my leaving would result in jails, institutions and/or death, it actually eventuated in a more contented existence, and greater freedom.

One thing I hadn’t been prepared for, however, was just how much some of the ideas I acquired in AA would plague me after leaving. This blog is essentially my way of exploring those ideas – a final cathartic exercise aimed at fully unshackling myself  from Alcoholics Anonymous.

Essentially, the contents herein are just my experiences and observations. It’s not my intent to denigrate AA as a whole. I simply wish to show that despite what many AA members purport, Alcoholics Anonymous is not the only way to achieve abstinence, and leaving doesn’t have to eventuate in jails, institutions and death –  quite the opposite, in fact!

AA Apostate.